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P.A.I.N. (Punk Shocker #6)

This zine was done by ‘Andy Shocker’ (Andrew S.) from the Durham/Newcastle Upon Tyne region. There were 11 issues released between 1989 and 2005. The following overview is based on the ‘Punk Shocker’ Years 1989 – 2004 zineography that was … Continue reading

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Christ On Parade (Endless Struggle #7)

There’s already something from the Canadian zine Endless Struggle on this website (from the only issue I seem to have). Randy Smith (From Hamilton, Ontario), who also archives radical literature on his website Arm The Spirit (named after Arm The … Continue reading

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Profane Existence (Assault With Intent To Free #9)

Newt Rayburn started working for the (anarcho-punk; connected to the A.Y.F.) zine Assault With Intent To Free at the time of its fourth issue (March ’88; the first A.W.I.F. came out October ’87, edited by ‘Skull’ Chris Robertson, Tait Graves & … Continue reading

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Toxic Waste (Femzine #2)

After I got to know that Dena (or Deanna) had done a zine by herself before Suicide? No! Murder (when she was residing in London), Peter Ross (who used to do Murder By Guitar zine in the 80s) informed me he … Continue reading

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Vi Subversa (Désir Nocturne #1)

As far as I can remember Désir Nocturne was a one-off (published in 1998). It was made by Lara A. when she’d moved from Biel/Bienne (Switzerland) to Paris. Lara was the mother of the daughter she had with Pablo (‘The … Continue reading

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Subhumans (IQ32 #1)

‘Digger’ (real name Graeme Wood; he’d moved to Liverpool to become a student: in the third issue he mentions he’s a B.Sc.) is a guy I met when my band played with ‘Generic’ & ‘Electro Hippies’ (87-06-28). He was touring … Continue reading

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