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Peu Être (Chill Out #3)

Chill Out, another French zine I helped make available through my mailorder/distribution was done by Olivier Lacoste (singer of the Bordeaux band ‘Öpstand’) that I’d met at the Vort’n Vis and corresponded with. I can’t remember having seen his first … Continue reading

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Öpstand (Cheval de Troie #1)

Somewhere halfway the 90s I got to know Gérôme Desmaison (guitarist of ‘Alcatraz’ and ‘Peu-Être’, later vocalist of ‘Amanda Woodward’ & ‘Kiss The Bottle’ – with Christophe Mora), from Niort (later Poitiers). He did this zine Cheval De Troie (Trojan … Continue reading

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DS4A (Auf Zu #1)

Armel Presselin & Stéphane Lempereur, 2 HC-punx from Angers (France) did this zine. I only got to see one issue; although a second one was announced: perhaps there was only this one? #1 had also interviews with ‘Freak Show’ (band … Continue reading

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Spermbirds (Scène Plongeon #2)

Scène Plongeon – if one translates the name of this zine literally, it means ‘stagediving’ but it can also refer to ‘an immersion in the scene’ – was the publication my correspondent and mate Joel Person (from Saint-Herblain, near Nantes … Continue reading

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Doom (Carry On Screaming #4)

No need to introduce ‘Doom’, I’m sure. This interview (with ‘Stick’) was done somewhere in 1996, between the release of their Monarchy Zoo 7” and the recording of the Rush Hour Of The Gods LP. They did a tour through … Continue reading

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Dir Yassin (Tranzophobia #8)

3 years after their split-zine with Accords Et A Cris, the Tranzophobia crew (Saint-Etienne, France) compiled a whole bunch of old and new interviews into a great-looking publication – under the guidance of Fabrice Drevet (drummer of ‘Vomit For Breakfast’, … Continue reading

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Ananda (Twist & Shout #1)

‘Ananda’ came from Parisian suburbia. The early line-up (at the time of their first demo) was Chrystèle Grall & Jean-Yves André (vocals), Thomas Guillanton (guitar; ex ‘Fingerprint’) & Sylvain Klein (guitar), Jérome ‘Mizou’ Bessout (drums; ex ‘Fingerprint’) and Jérome ‘Gunthar’ … Continue reading

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