The Inapt (Macht Van De Onmacht #5)

At a certain timepoint some people from the Brussels’ region got together to cooperate. By then Onno Hesselink had done 4 issues of his zine Peace Or Annihilation, Erik Van Der Veken had 3 issues of Macht Van De Onmacht and Koen De Cleen 2 issues of Snot. The WC-Papier (“toilet-paper”) collective was meant to help distribute their stuff and organise “activities” and concerts. There was also a band with the same name: ‘WC-Papier’ was Erik on drums, Onno playing guitar, Pascal De Wilde (and Koen?) (bass/vocals). Frank Geeraert was doing bits on a casio…

Macht Van De Onmacht (“power of impotency”) was dubbed an autonomous or libertarian publication. Erik was actually from Wemmel (near Jette, where we met during gigs at De Finkel). I never saw his earlier efforts. The first issue was mostly political/personal stuff and some drawings. The content of #2 (1984): El Salvador, apartheid, Amnesty International, vivisection, conscientious objecting. #5 (’85; done with help of his cousin Frank & friend Patricia) was kindly donated by An Hendriks. It contained some band-interviews (‘The Inapt’, ‘Rattus’, ‘Koyaanisqatsi’, ‘Scoundrels’) and bits about political prisoners in Chili, anti-militarism, nuclear missiles, etc. #6: Chantal Paternostre [anarcho-communist], Heinrich Böll [German author], interviews (a.o. ‘Rapt’), … #7 (July ’86) contained pieces about fascism, Mexico ’86, nuclear plants, Hare Krshna, etc. #9 (January ’87): resettlement of Navaja native Americans, interview with god, vegetarianism, is dating repressive? and more. #10 with a.o. things, thoughts on compulsory schooling, progress vs. well-being, disposable packaging, etc. Own work and contributions. All in Dutch.


I started Macht Van De Onmacht (solo) when I was still in Sint-Lukas [School of Arts in Brussels]. It came out on a three[/four]-monthly basis. There were 10 issues so it lasted for about 30 months. Soon after we took of with De Nar [“the jester”; anarchist mag] (not a solo-project; Patricia witnessed the birth of De Nar; my partner at the time, Kris, the growth). Onno’s Peace Or Annihilation (Onno) got off in that same period. My cousin (Frank Geeraert) also published (a more art-oriented thing): Zin Van De Onzin [“sense of nonsense”].


‘The Inapt’ was the first band of my mate Bruno ‘Duco’ D.C. (later in ‘Pigs In Blue Glue’ and ‘Hate Crew’). He was the guitarist/singer, Dimi(tri) Timbremont played drums and a guy named Carl (on bass) was replaced by Karel De Backer (later in ‘ Heart Explodes’; sound-technician at most Smurfpunx gigs). They had a track on a Swiss/German compilation-tape. The guys were from the Aalst region and played one gig in the local punk hang-out (Gele Limonade): 85-05-23, with ‘Dirty Scums’ & ‘X-Creta’. Soon after ‘Duco’ & Dimi joined ‘Pigs In Blue Glue’… Nowadays Bruno teaches political science and studies international conflicts; Dimitri plays jazz.

[Translation below]

1) What are the band’s influences and when did it all begin?

Everything started about nine/ten months ago with the following line-up: Dimitri (drums), Carl (bass) & myself Bruno (vocals + guitar) but after a few months Carl had to leave the band for practical reasons (he lived too far away) and we kept practicing with the two of us. A friend of ours playing bass in a new/cold-wave band from Aalst sometimes joins us to help us out.

Our influences: we try to create an own, specific punk-sound with a dash of rockabilly in it, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not influenced by certain bands (‘Frites Modern’ or ‘Dead Kennedys’ e.g.).

2) Are there any ideas behind the band or is it just fun?

Of course there are ideas behind ‘The Inapt’ but not everything revolves around those ideas. Let’s put it this way: 35% is about the ideas and 65% about the music and the fun.

Our lyrics deal with topics such as fascism, racism, the nuclear menace, etc. The usual stuff actually! We are anti-fascists and also anti-racist. Besides that, we have our own points of view, but if I have to type this all out then I’ll still be here tomorrow…

3) What do you think of the punk-scene, particularly in Belgium and the Netherlands?

Well, see, we think that the punk-scene in the Netherlands is much broader and better developed than over here. The people there are also a lot more more openminded and more critical. This also applies to Germany and Italy. To be honest: Belgium (or rather Flanders) isn’t fertile soil for alternativism. But mind you: that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any nice things here! There are quite a few fanzines and enough bands, the number of punx has diminished lately, but that has a big advantage: all (or most) fashion-, fake and bastard punx are gone; there are a lot more DIY productions and illegal distribution-labels now. Also the communication with foreigners has improved, that wasn’t the case before. The punx have become unnoted in terms of clothing and behaviour. The era of huge mohawks, studs and bondage-trousers seems to be over somewhat. A lot of punk-shops close their doors or get involved into another commercial fashion. That’s not a bad thing. Yesterday I was walking through the Agora-corridor in Brussels with our drummer Dimitri… Man oh man. What garbage one gets to see there… Unbelievable! That had nothing to do with punk, that was pure consumerist seduction! (Apart from a few exceptions, of course.) End of the sermon!

4) Musical influences? Cookbook songs?

As I said before: our musical influences are coming from bands such as ‘Dead Kennedys’, ‘Frites Modern’, and also ’77 punk such as the ‘Sex Pistols’; plus I also like some faster bands such as ‘7 Seconds’, ‘Minor Threat’… We also love decent old rockabilly and genuine reggae.

So far I’ve written all song and lyrics, except for one that is Dimi’s. Inspiration is coming coincidental and unexpected. We currently have about twelve songs, with both English and Dutch lyrics.

5) Your opinions about multinationals, vivisection, …?

We see anarchy as a creation of a society within this society. Well, if there is no state left, who’s gonna pay unemployment-benefits? To us anarchy means: to isolate yourself from the rest in order to live an alternative life. Let the stupid mass and the system suffocate!

6) Future plans?

Well, the first thing that has to happen is for us to find a new and permanent bass-player, and then perform and perform again! If you know someone who wants to play bass for us, let us know. We rehearse in Affligem [village near Aalst (Belgium), known for its abbey and beer]. Anyone interested must of course have their own bass-guitar, but not necessarily an amplifier. If s/he doesn’t have one: we have one ourselves wher you can plug in a bass. My phone-number is: (053) xxxxxx In case I’m absent: please give your name + phone-number + reason so that I can call back.

7) Experiences with neo-nazis + last message?

In school there are enough, too many of those bastards. Usually those neo-nazis are worthless, sick mutts who pretending to be original, but in fact they’re ridiculous! In the past they always harassed Frank P. ([‘Violent Mosquitos’ bassist] who’s in my class) and myself, until we beat one up. Since then we’ve had no problems anymore! Violence is indeed the only way to eradicate such trash. Fascism: is dangerous and too well organised. They have the support of polic[SS]e and other wankers… They screw up our lives and our environment. They bully strangers and then they’re surprised that they encounter resistance!!!

Anything else to say? Yes! Bassists of all countries, unite! Please join ‘The Inapt’ and continue the unrelenting struggle against racism and fascism with us! Spread the news…

‘The Inapt’ will appear on a German compilation-tape together S.C.A.’ (Ned) ‘Die Erben’ (Ger), ‘Urban Desolation’ (UK), ‘Eu’s Arse’ (Ita) and a few other bands. See ya!

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