Vuur (My Dreams… #2)

Around the turn of the century Tilt! mailorder/distribution (already focussing more and more on zines, pamphlets and radical literature) got support/practical aid from the younger generation (Roberto, Bartje & Tijs).

It must’ve been at that time that Julien Vanderhaeghen (a ‘kid’ from Nivelles, studying in Liège) wrote me about this straight-edge zine he was doing. For some reason I never actually got to see it. Turns out Tijs S. had a copy of #2. It contained interviews with David of Perseverance zine, the bands ‘Engrave’, ‘ Fairfight’, ‘Pointing Finger’, ‘Tyranny Of Small Decisions’, ‘Vuur’, ‘Yage’; and personal writings/columns, poetry, reviews.

Julien also organised sXe concerts under the name P.M.A. Active Group – together with his friends Séverine Bouvé (a.k.a. ‘the sweet emo witch’), Gaël ‘the anarchist guitar hero’ & Xavier Lepage (Still Holding On recs). Xavier & Julien also did the ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ compilation-CDs. And I also saw an ad for a split-CD (‘Reproach’ & ‘Dusk Within’) under the name Positive Youth Culture. Later he released a bunch of stuff on his label Heart On Fire recs (one of which was a split-12″ ‘Vuur’/’Grinding Halt’).

‘Vuur’ was the band of some mates of mine that were also in the Newland Collective that we’d set up as an attempt to create a new alternative to the growing commercialisation of the HC/punk-scene: Nico Peeters (bass; ex ‘Outrage’/’Reller’, later ‘KingTerror’, Day One distribution and record-label, nowadays singer of ‘TravØlta’), Stef(an) Goos (drums; ex ‘Hopeman Path’, later ‘KingTerror’, Empower distro and editor of Splinter newsletter) & Yannick Daems (vocals; ex ‘Reller’). They were joined by Bart Jansen (guitar; ex ‘Deconsume’, later ‘Nervous Mothers’ & nowadays 2nd guitarist of ‘Days Of Desolation’) and initially there was a second vocalist named Koen Luyckx (ex ‘Deconsume’), who returned in the band when Yannick had to quit singing in 2005). Screamo-violence! Their first rehearsal-tape was recorded in 2000 on an old tape-deck…

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