Yves Tchao (Rednecks Not Allowed #2)

A zine from the ‘far east’ of Belgium (Maasmechelen) done by 2 young lads (still in secundary school at that time: Paolo Melis and Vital Gerets) that visited our Smurfpunx gigs. As far as I know they did 3 issues. I never saw the first but it featured ‘Heresy’, ‘Ripcord’, ‘Upset Noise’ & ‘Spermbirds’. The zine was part in English, part in Dutch. #2 had interviews (besides this one here) with ‘Banger Pet Band’ (ex ‘Taartje Aardbei’), ‘Hard-Ons’ and the spoof band ‘Uxorious Men’. #3 featured ‘Political Asylum’, ‘Life But How To Live It’ & ‘Cowboy Killers’. Paolo also did a short story, some poetry, colums; and there were reviews…

Paolo interviewed this Brussels’ pro skater-dude, Yves Tchao, that came to a lot HC gigs at the time. The guy still runs his skate-shop Ride All Day. Never knew Paolo (whom I got to know better when he got involved in the Ghent squat/activist scene) was into skating until I found this back…


I did the first issue with Gunther Maes (the guitarist of the punk-band ‘Absurd’ from Maasmechelen). The content: articles on child-soldiers, apartheid, a scene-report from Belgrado & Sweden, and the interviews mentioned above.

Paolo Melis

‘Thrasher’ (Yves Tchao) & ‘Stinky’ (‘Repulsives’); photo courtesy of Dirk Ceustermans

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