Ovidie (Undo #1)

In the late 90s I was a part of the Newland collective; older and younger people sticking together trying to create an alternative for the increasing commercialism in/ commodification of HC/punk. One of the youngsters was Diny V. B. who would later start distributing zines/literature through her distro Twinkle Star. A few years down the road, Diny teamed up with Sara Stoop – whom I knew from the concerts she (helped) organise(d) in the Sint-Niklaas area and the band she sang for (‘Anaal Kabaal’) – to do this zine.

During/after attending courses in women’s studies at uni, Diny (together with Sara and some other friends) got involved with the Antwerp feminist collective FC Poppesnor, (who were getting together in a squatted convent, if I remember correctly)…

Diny was also involved in Paprika cooking-collective (together with Newland’s An Caers, en Nico Peeters & Stefan Goos) and later in the anarchist infoshop Bad Ant (with Johanna Pas & Patriek Dooms). She also helped out with the give-away shop, breakfast-café and info-kitchen in the squat De Ratten (the rats)…

While doing a distro-stall at the Vort’n Vis Ieperfest, Diny & Sara learned about Ovidie, a French porn-actress/-producer, pro-porn feminist and writer who visited (apparently had ties with the punk/hardcore scene and was straight-edge). People can read the interview that Diny did with her below.

The zine also contains personal thoughts on various subjects and zine/book-reviews.

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