Conflict (Read It! #3)

I explain how I qot acquainted with this zine in the intro to an interview with DS4A. Dave Carter who co-ran this distro (Doesn’t Stand For Anything) was the main man behind the Read It/Eat (Sh)It zines. The name changed a few times over the years. I got #3 and #6 in my archive. Besides the bands mentioned below (interviews or articles), there was also a letter-section, reviews, columns and political info.

#1 (Eat Shit!): ‘Crass’, ‘Chumbawamba’, ‘Doom’, …; #2 (Eat It!): ‘Concrete Sox’, ‘Deviated Instinct’, …; #3: (Read It! Eat It!): ‘Conflict’, ‘Culture Shock’, ‘Active Minds’, …; #4 (Eat Shit! Eat It!): ‘Chumbawamba’, ‘Political Asylum’, ‘Oi Polloi’; #5 (Eat Shit!): ‘The Ex’, ‘Herb Garden’, ‘Maggot Slayer Overdrive’, …; #6 (Read It!): ‘Terminus’, ‘Nessun Dorma’, ‘Zygote’, … I believe this last issue was in 1992.

This interview with ‘Conflict’ (singer Colin Jerwood & drummer ‘Paco’ Francisco Carreno) was done in 1989 (when the album Against All Odds was out and Steve ‘Ignorant’ Williams quit).

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