Teo Petričević (Semtex #4)

Semtex was the zine of Thomas Byttebier (at that time residing in Harelbeke, nowadays “freelance digital designer” living Ghent). In the zine he states: >>I see zines as a form of meaningful resistance. They’re bound together by critical striving for their ideals. An ideal that tells us what culture and society might be…or at least ought to be. Off course there are no rules for making a hardcore-punk zine but zines have in common that they are an alternative to and a strike against commercial culture and consumer capitalism.<< Because he didn’t really seem to put that in practice (ads for commerical labels), I decided against distributing it…

This #4 (2000) was co-edited by Bram Cluyse (Heartwell zine & Sub Fakt Four recs – non-profit DIY label for noise/experimental sounds); nowadays known as ‘Kluze(hellion)’ (vocalist of ‘Black Haven’), and a guy named Koen. There’s a bunch of reviews, an article on genetic engineering and decent interviews with Emil Björkander (‘Children Of Fall’ bassist & the label Black Star Foundation), Stef Goos (drummer of ‘Vuur’ & Splinter newsletter) and this one here with Teo Petričević. This is the only issue I’ve seen. I read that #3.5 was a split with Kristof Mondy’s zine Yoda, and probably there was a #5…

The person interviewed here, Croatian Teo Petričević (originally from Mursko Središće, moved to Zagreb), started writing me somewhere in the late 90s and I helped distribute his zine You & Me. He was also the singer of the band ‘Outré’. The first issue of his zine was in Croatian; n°s 2-4 were done between 1997 & 2002. Yours truly was interviewed in #2. The zine was a vehicle for his interest in HC/punk, ecology, feminism, sexuality, etc. Nowadays Teo is a director of ACT Grupa, a “community of social entrepreneurs and social economy incubator”.


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