Mel Hughes (Intense Voice #2)

Myself and Mel Hughes (Northern-Ireland / Ulster) exchanged letters for quite a while and distributed each other’s zine. The Network Of Friends; if anyone remembers… He was also sXe, supportive of DIY and anti-consumerist, and also ran a mailorder. He was still doing No Barcodes Necessary at the time of this interview. If I remember correctly, he did 7 issues (1993-98). An issue of Direct Hit followed later right after (’99) and that continued on-line for a few years. Direct Hit came with a split-7″ Active Minds/Urko and that was the start of Mel’s label Direct Hit recs (4 split-EPs in total).

The interviewer, Florian Gemmrig, was also a corresponent of mine. He did Intense Voice together with his mate Matze Walz (both living near Stuttgart). This second issue also featured the bands ‘Texas Is The Reason’ & ‘Strife’; besides an article on terrorism, some short stories & columns, a tour-report, an article on Amnesty International and reviews…


I believe we correspondended, probably because of your distribution, but as far as I remember we also exchanged letters about life, music and scene-stuff. My motivation for doing the zine was being part of a DIY culture which was a big thing to me when I got in touch with hardcore. We did 2 issues around 95-96; I was pretty young (15-16) at that time. We interviewed ‘Refused’, ‘For Her Sake’ (a local band) & ‘End In Sight’ for the first issue.

Florian Gemmrig

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