Rubbish Heap (Ultra Eczema #1)

In the second half on the 90s, activity in the Antwerp HC/punk-scene started to raise again; with gigs at Sorm (in Deurne) and in the Scheld’apen squat. Dennis ‘Tyfus’ F., editor of Ultra Eczema helped set up shows at the latter. He also did a few tape-compilations (Tyfus tapes), co-released the ‘Honey Honey’ 7″ and played in ‘Cornucopia’ for a while… He became a visual artist/illustrator and collaborates at the Antwerp local station Radio Centraal. Early on Dennis was into HC/punk & crust/grind/noise, later he developped a passion for ‘experimental’ stuff. Ultra Eczema is now an internationally renomated underground label.

Tyfus art (Ultra Eczema #1)Tyfus art (Ultra Eczema #2)

I have 2 issues of Ultra Eczema fanzine. Dennis did these with his mate Laurent (and got some help from Kris Delacourt, Danny Vermeyen and others). #1 contained interviews (‘Bad Influence’, ‘S.Y.C.’, etc.), loads of reviews and some of Dennis’ artwork. #2 had talks with HC bands (such as ‘Mallorn’, ‘Bullshit Propaganda’, ‘Outrage’, ‘Seein’Red’), mucho reviews, a few columns, artwork and a ‘Honey Honey’ tour-report… Dennis tells me issue #3 was a booklet with drawings and than there were all kinds of releases…

Some of the people that helped out Joris De Buysser (Conspiracy recs & tours) and with gigs (@ Sorm) played in the band ‘Rubbish Heap’. They were a metalcore band (some described them as “crust/sludge”) from the North of Antwerp (Ekeren). The members were Dave Vanderplas (drums), Kim Vandyck (vocals; later guitarist of ‘King Terror’), ‘Peche’ (guitar), Tijs Geerts (bass; later ‘Bad Influence’) and Vincent ‘Vinnie’ Royers (guitar). Vinnie & Dave also did a newsletter (Dying World). The band put out a rehearsal-tape and a demo (Slow Defeat; the songs later appeared on a split-tape with the Greek band ‘Hibernation’). Conspiracy recs released all their vinyl: their first 7″ (Path Of Lies; ’96), followed by a split-7″ with ‘Upset’ (’97) and their self-titled album (’99). Dennis also did a split-tape (with ‘Cornucopia’) on his tape-label.

Rubbish Heap (Ultra Eczema #1) aRubbish Heap (Ultra Eczema #1) bRubbish Heap (Ultra Eczema #1) cRubbish Heap (Ultra Eczema #1) d

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