Disorder (Het Schandaal #4)

Het Schandaal was started by Bart [Steens; drummer of ‘Koyaanisqatsi’] & Mark Heindrijckx. I believe I never met the latter. What is mentioned somewhere about Marc taking of with the ‘profits’ to Hawaii, is most probably a joke. I met Bart somewhere between issues 4 & 5. I had done one issue of my own fanzine AMI and we thought it would be better for distribution, the variety and the content to do something together. AMI was a separte part (4 pages) of Het Schandaal #5; we sold 250 (!) copies of it. It reads: >>Mind you: Actually this is a fanzine within a fanzine. The AMI pages are clearly distinguishable from Het Schandaal. The purpose is to make Het Schandaal a bit more enthralling and varied, and to make both AMI & Het Schandaal a bit more known. In that way there’s less chance that AMI and Het Schandaal give one-sided information. Hopefully this initiative becomes a source for a tighter cooperation.<< Het Schandaal #6 (print-run: 300!) still has 10 pages of AMI. After that my contribution was no longer a seperate AMI inside the zine but articles in Het Schandaal itself. And since Het Schandaal #9 Bart is no longer involved. At one timepoint he totally disappeared from the scene. No idea why. Felix [De Witte] then made his entry, with damn-fine interviews. Het Schandaal #10 is the last issue; I had to make a choice because of my studies.

Steven ‘Stel’ R.

I “disappeared” from the scene because I was heading (together with ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ guitarist Ludwig) into a totally different direction musically. I was the drummer of ‘Stirrin’ Stuff’ & ‘The Shuttlecocks’ (rockabilly-scene) for a few years. That ended, unfortunately, when I developed hearing-loss.

Bart Steens

This feature about ‘Disorder’ is in the issue right before the collaboration with ‘Stel’ started (1983)…

Het Schandaal #4 (front)courtesy of ‘Stel’

[Translation below]

Disorder (Het Schandaal #4) aDisorder (Het Schandaal #4) bDisorder (Het Schandaal #4) cDisorder (Het Schandaal #4) dSometimes I think the name ‘Disorder’ is wrong because when such a name is used, many people – petty people I might say – have visions of chaos, destruction … This proves their ignorance. ‘Disorder’ actually means a lack of order. Now you might say that order is needed to keep everything running. But this is not the case. Order is something that is forced upon us, not what we mean by that, but one that is imposed by someone’s different opinion. Something that is called ‘law’ compels us to respect that order. People who deviate from this law constitute a socalled threat to the order that reigns in this society. These kind of people get immediately labeled; as drunk, junkie, communist, punk, etc. These are people who are trying to determine for themselves what is order, without a servant of the ‘law’ beating it into them.

I think that ‘Disorder’ has been treated erroneously, as a band that only sings about football, for too long. We hope that people understand that we have something to say and that we can contribute to the downfall of today’s society, but that we also can show that anarchy can be nice as long as you respect the rights of other persons.



‘Disorder’ started in the summer of 1980 with Nick – bass, ‘Nevets’ (Steve) – guitar, ‘Virus’ – drums & Dean – voice. After they’d been togerher for 2 days, they did their first gig at a pub in Bristol. The performance was so bad that it was good. Next, a demo-tape was recorded and sent to Riot City recs. It was rejected by ‘Vice Squad’ who had quite a bit to say at Riot City. Result: Disorder recs came into existnce. Complete Disorder came out [1981] and shortly after Nick left the band. Around that time were 5 gigs with ‘Discharge’ were planned but the first was so shitty that others were canceled. Steve saw himself as the culprit and began sniffing glue. Around that time Distortion Till Deafness was recorded [Sep. ‘81]. Steve left the band. The C.I.D. [Criminal Investigation Department] took care of ‘Virus’ about a stolen drum and soon he, along with Dean, took of to London. Upon his return there were problems with Dean, so he left the band. One evening (once-upon-a-time) Steve found ‘Taff’ under the table. He had been playing for ‘The X-Certs’ & ‘The Review’, so he joined (on bass). So we got: ‘Taff’ [Phil Lovering] – bass, ‘Boobs’ [Chris Neil] – voice, ‘Virus’ [Neil Worthington] – drums, Steve [Allen] – guitar. Not long after the Mental Disorder EP was recorded [Oct. ‘82]. Some 3 months ago, Glenn (ex ‘Dead Popstars’ and ‘The Mob’) became ‘Disorder’s drummer. So far for the history.


As a final part of this ‘Disorder’ article, we have a short interview with Glenn, the new drummer of the band.

You guys run your own label: do you have a job or do you of the gigs and the records?

We’re all unemployed, we’re all on social welfare. We earn some money doing gigs and records, that pays for our material but usually it’s spent on booze.

In the beginning, you were considered one of those fast bands, now you seem to get the recognition you deserve. How do you explain that?

Hard work, a lot of gigs. Crawl out of the pit and have a good time.

We know you’ve been in Denmark. Do you perhaps have plans to come over to Belgium?

We’ve also been to Italy and people are now working to arrange a tour in America. We’ll come to Belgium when someone can arrange a tour. I’ve been to Belgium on tour when I was still playing drums for ‘The Mob’. Good fun.

What are your political beliefs? Are you vegetarians or something? Do you believe in anarchy?

We’re vegetarians. We believe in peace, non-violence. But we also believe in pleasure and fun. Anarchy can be great as long as you respect the others.

What are your plans for the future?

Do as much as possible: gigs – tours – records. Try to get drunk/stoned and have a good time as much as possible.

You’ve on some compilation-LPs. What can say tell us about that?

Not much; only shame really.

Do you have a message for the Belgian punx?

When I was Belgium with ‘The Mob’ (1982), it was very cool. Friendly people. If someone can arrange a tour, then we’ll be off.

Love, Oblivion

Glenn ( ‘Disorder’)

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