Kosjer D (Reminder #5)

Reminder started out as a way to help support/market the project Above The Crowd (A.T.C.) in the early 90s. Wim Vandekerckhove and Sacha ‘Chatn’ Baelen (who would form the band ‘Blindfold’) had shot some live video-footage of HC bands (the ‘Nations On Fire’ show for Smurfpunx 91-03-23, ‘Scraps’ & ‘Seein’Red’), to be sold in support for the anti-fascist SCALP (Section Carrément Anti Le Pen, from Lille, France). So at first it was a ‘music zine’ (with a few contributions by ‘Shortsight’ members); later the zine became more of a personal (less music-oriented) ’emo’ zine with most of the writing done by Wim. Sometimes some pages by Sacha (entitled The Gazzette) were added seperately and #7 was a split with Emotive Impulse (Joeri Hoste’s zine).

This (lengthy) interview with ‘Kosjer D’ was done at 2 occasions, around the time they were about to switch bassists and before their first 7″ was released. Answers are by Arne Van Petegem (guitar/vocals), Geert Plessers (guitar/vocals) and Stijn Persoons (drums; ex ‘Dawn Of Liberty’). The band played a few times at the Vort’n Vis (’94 – ’95). Later on they would become ‘Reiziger’…

Kosjer D (Reminder #5) aKosjer D (Reminder #5) bKosjer D (Reminder #5) cKosjer D (Reminder #5) dKosjer D (Reminder #5) eKosjer D (Reminder #5) fKosjer D (Reminder #5) gKosjer D (Reminder #5) hKosjer D (Reminder #5) iKosjer D (Reminder #5) jKosjer D (Reminder #5) kKosjer D (Reminder #5) l95-01-07 Kosjer D (Brugge) by Jeroen L Kosjer D (Brugge 95-01-07), courtesy of Jeroen Lauwers

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