Neurosis (Bonds Of Friendship #7)

In 1989, during a holiday in the San Francisco Bay Area, I discovered ‘Neurosis’. I saw them live twice (at Gilman Street and at a squat-gig). They were so impressive! I bought their Aberration 7″ (review in Tilt! #5: “Threatening, aggressive HC with biting vocals. Ra-a-age!”). Later came the LP The Word As Law (review in Tilt! #6: “When I saw them live, their wall of sound shredded my head open. Here the music is still ferociously aiming for your guts but the excellent production enables to enjoy the hidden goodies. … More than excellent.”) and the Empty 7″ (review in Tilt! #7: “Dragging, epic HC-thrash loaded with emotion.”). Unfortunately soon enough I noticed they became one of those US bands that had a different meaning about what DIY entailed. They came over to Europe to do tours organised by commercial agencies, playing for organisations that I couldn’t support. So they disappeared from my radar…

Here they are interviewed by my mate Joris De Buysser in (what I think was the last issue of) his zine Bonds Of Frienship. He also seemed overwhelmed by the band… Early in the 90s, I’d gotten in touch with Joris who enthousiastically set up gigs in his hometown (North Of Antwerp). The first 4 issues of his zine were in Dutch and co-published with his Flaajer (a collection of ads and flyers). He started to distribute zines/pamphlets (Bang!), did a tape-label (Start Today) and would eventually run the record-label Conspiray recs. Joris is also a globetrotter (which showed in the zine) and nowadays promotes Arab music by booking bands/performers from the Middle East.

Neurosis (BOF #7) aNeurosis (BOF #7) bNeurosis (BOF #7) cNeurosis (BOF #7) dNeurosis (BOF #7) e

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