Zero Positives (Gash #1)

Zero Positives‘ was the band of my mate Dirk ‘Scum’. He was very much into DIY. Also anti-capitalst, politically radical (anti-specieist e.g.) and not afraid to make confrontational statements; but always eager to explain in writings and on stage. As I wrote in the review of their Last Contribution 7″: “The song-lyrics alternate between pessimist and hope-giving moods.”. Their music was powerful metal-core: fast, agressive and energetic with gruff vocals. After O+ split up, he went on to sing for ‘Hopeman Path’ for a while. A bit later Dirk became fed up with the aimlessness (in his eyes) of the HC/punk scene and the hypocrisy in society, and thought he could live a fuller life by joining the Hare Krshna (something that disappointed me a lot). He returned from that but kept living (more or less) outside society by herding a flock of sheep (at first in the US, nowadays back in Belgium)…

Dirk Scum 2013This interview with Dirk was done by our mate Johan Seys, co-shitworker at the Vort’n Vis and vocalist of ‘Carcer Molochi’. Gash was a one-off (I think) but this issue contained quite some interesting talks (like this one)…

Zero Positives (Gash #1) aZero Positives (Gash #1) bZero Positives (Gash #1) cZero Positives (Gash #1) dZero Positives (Gash #1) e

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