Ear Damage (Peace Or Annihilation #10)

When ‘Zyklome-A’ had to split up, bassist Marc and drummer ‘Bie’ teamed up with Dirk (bassist of ‘Koyaanisqatsi’). I saw them play many times (sometimes sharing a bill) and they became mates. Nice guys and great musicians… They went on to play in several bands such as (but not limited to): ‘Kloaka’, ‘Blood Curse’ (Dirk), ‘Agitators’ (Marc), ‘Tachyon’ & ‘Belgian Asociality’ (Bie).

Here’s an interview that Onno H. did for his zine Peace Or Annihilation.

Ear Damage (P or A #10) aEar Damage (P or A #10) bEar Damage (P or A #10) c

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1 Response to Ear Damage (Peace Or Annihilation #10)

  1. Dirk 'Ear Damage' says:

    The Cassenbroek 3 era! 🙂 Thanks Brob!!! Enjoyed reading that a lot!!!

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