Catharsis (Ugly Duckling #2)

Lieve Goemaere, a young woman from the Vort’n Vis (H8000) scene that studied moral science at my city’s university introduced me more or less to ‘Catharsis’, who were her friends. The singer (Brian D. of the CrimethInc collective in Atlanta; editor of Inside Front and Harbinger) and myself seemed to share some ideas but I couldn’t really relate to the band’s dealings with commercial entities vulturing on the HC/punk-scene… Lieve’s interview with 2 guys of the band (vocalist Brian & drummer Alexei) could be dismissed (by some) as idealistic but it still gives insight in some of the band-members’ thinking…

Catharsis (Ugly Duckling #2) aCatharsis (Ugly Duckling #2) bCatharsis (Ugly Duckling #2) cCatharsis (Ugly Duckling #2) dCatharsis (Ugly Duckling #2) eCatharsis (Ugly Duckling #2) fCatharsis (Ugly Duckling #2) g

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