Cólera (Deadline #2)

‘Cólera’ was the first ‘excotic’ (in this case Latin-American) band that I got to see live. Remember: this was way before internet, mobile-phones, skype, GPS, etc. The band was invited over by Werner Excelmans of Hageland Hardcore. His house became their home. He released some vinyl of them, got them to tour Europe and they played Belgium a zillion times. Being in a band myself and organizing concerts, I met them frequently. Though the communication wasn’t always easy (2 of them hardly spoke English), it was always nice to meet up and enjoy them play live. At that time Werner arranged for my band (‘Repulsives’) to record in a studio and it was his intention to put the tracks on a split-LP with the Brazilians. Unfortunately that never happened (because of financial problems the label had). Pity… ‘Repulsives’ could’ve been ‘famous’ in Brazil ;-).

Even though guitarist/singer Redson passed away some time ago, the band is still playing…

This is an interview in Deadline, the fanzine that 3 young kids (Gert ‘Moby’ Van Diest, Nico ‘Pico’ Van Dijck & Peter Swijsen)  from Scherpenheuvel/Zichem – Hageland Hardcore’s base – did in 1987, when they had just been in Europa for a couple of months.

Cólera (Deadline 2) aCólera (Deadline 2) bCólera (Deadline 2) cCólera (Deadline 2) d

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